🌟 Exciting announcement! 🌟

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new blog, “Awaken Your Lifeenergy”! It’s a project that’s been brewing in my mind for quite some time, and I’m finally taking the leap to bring it to life. This blog is going to be a space where I pour out my thoughts, experiences, and insights, all aimed at helping you Awaken the Vibrant Lifeenergy within you.

What’s even more thrilling is that I’ll be updating “Awaken Your Lifeenergy” every Friday without fail. That’s right—mark your calendars because every Friday, a new post will be waiting for you to dive into. It’s going to be a journey filled with stories and movies, with a sprinkle of inspiration here and there.

And as Easter approaches, I find myself drawn to the serene beauty of Rondane, where I’ll be immersing myself even more deeply in the exploration of life energy. Amidst the untouched snow, towering trees, and frozen streams, I’ll be reflecting on the essence of awakening and renewal. Join me on this journey as we traverse the stunning landscapes of Rondane, both physically and metaphorically, discovering the boundless energy that resides within us all.

“Easter in Rondane” is my personal journey of renewal—a time to leave behind the worries of everyday life and immerse myself fully in the beauty of the moment. As I carve graceful arcs through the untouched snow, I lose myself in the rhythm of the land, each turn a dance of joy and liberation.

And as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, I know that this Easter in Rondane will be etched in my memory forever—a cherished reminder of the power of nature and the profound wisdom of life’s energies to heal, inspire, and awaken the soul.

So, join me on this adventure as we embark on a weekly rendezvous through words and ideas. Get ready to explore, reflect, and connect. I can’t wait to have you along for the ride! ✨

Ps ! The blog idea started during my recent travels to Mallorca, I’ve had some incredibly intense and enlightening experiences about life and the 9 Lifeenergies. I’m excited to tell you that I will share these experiences with you through videos on this blog throughout the Easter season.

Best Regards

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