9 Lifeenergies Mental Spring Cleaning video 3

Mental Spring Cleaning – Day 3

Exploring Intensity: Connecting with Ourselves and Others

In my latest video, I delve deeper into the intensity and the necessity of connection. The 9 Lifeenergies method I discuss helps us to connect with ourselves, with our bodies. Genuine connection is potent, it brings us in touch with our emotions. Relationships thrive on contrasts, like waves crashing behind me. By observing her micro-movements, I came to understand her better; it made relationships more exhilarating. It marks the beginning of a richer life. It starts with connection. Waves of emotions crashing in; it becomes exhilarating; life doesn’t become dull. Feel within you what it’s like to be in the presence of others. Learn about the 9 different ways of communicating, of building relationships. I am in Mallorca, cycling, working, eating, and healthiest of all – meeting new people; forging connections and relationships.

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