Inner Circle

Inner circle

"I'm looking for team members who genuinely aspire to bring our vision to the world. I could write a hundred pages on this, but our selection process is unique; you need to explain to me why you want to be part of the team. My superpower lies in my ability to not only build teams and groups that excel in their work but also leave a profound impact on the world. I specialize in creating highly effective teams and groups. Another facet of my superpower is my talent for connecting with people on a deep, soulful level. Those who allow me into their lives stay there forever. If you're ready to let your superpower lead you, it's time to sit down and write why in the application below and then send it to me and my team. We will contact you after 3 days, and ask for a Zoom meeting" Morten Nygård- Leader of 9 Lifenergies.


You Want To Take Part?

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