We have created a world-class TRANSFORMATION program!

For those who want to change their lives.

Welcome to our new Awaken
The 9 Lifeenergies Program.

Here's what you get NOW with Bonuses!

Our Vision!

"9 Lifeenergies" will go out into!


Awaken Your Lifeenergy!

How to become the person you want to be?


The Awakening


Learn about
the 9 physical differences!

The 9 Lifeenergies is the teaching of a completely new state within your body.


Transform Your Life!

When you awaken your Lifeenergy and learn about the other 8, you have a map and compass to continue developing for the rest of your life. Knowing who you are is absolutely crucial for transformation to occur.

The structure of the program

Meditation and practice for a month!

The Awaken program - The way to become the person you want to be.
My exceptional 9 Lifeenergies Team will be with you every step of the way
with coaching and mentoring.

One free and very important live Coaching Call!

Do you have questions?

We have answers!

How do I access everything that has been done so far?

Answer: As soon as you log into your account, you will see a tab called “Program.” From there, you will have access to dozens of videos and texts categorized by topics such as “Basics 9 Lifeenergies Program,” “Awaken The 9 Lifeenergies,” “9 Lifeenergies Step By Step Transformation Program,” as well as “Bonus” programs that will be added throughout the next year as we edit the last 20 years of information, notes, and videos.

How can I be part of the development?

Answer: You will receive assistance in awakening your Lifeenergy so you can transform your life to become who you want to be. Coaches, leaders, and the group you are part of will help and support you throughout your journey.

How do I develop myself?

Answer: We have found that the first year provides a “Blueprint” for you to use your Lifeenergy as a Compass and the Steps and the Eight other Lifeenergies as a Map. You need to physically awaken and integrate all 9 Lifeenergies. We do this at the physical gatherings. It’s like an Adventure or “DISCOVERY” Program where you share your inner journey, and by doing so, you help yourself and others overcome challenges and achieve goals.

I have a fundamental philosophy that the world needs this work. I want to share it with you.

Morten Nygård
Founder of 9 Lifeenergies 

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What People Say

About 9 Lifeenergies

  • Truly changed my life!

    "Learning about the 9 Lifeenergies has truly changed my life. It's a fantastic method for getting to know oneself better, improving relationships between people, and understanding the essence of life itself. I really look forward to meeting Morten and my friends in the Masterclass again. It's incredibly enriching to explore the different life energies and how they influence our lives".


    Kora Elholm
    Masterclass 2023

  • Totally calm, even under pressure”

    "I have been with Morten and his team for about a year. Many pieces in my life have fallen into place and I feel much more robust and ready. I have a more stable health both physically, and mentaly. The teachings have given me inner peace. Even if there is a storm around me, learning about 9 Lifeenergies has given me a powerful tools to keep calm...


    Torill Ruud
    Masterclass 2023

  • 9 Lifeenergies helped me understand who I am!

    "9 Lifeenergies" has helped me to understand who I am and what my strengths are. It has also helped me to understand others better and to be able to pay attention to other people and to meet other people in a better way than I did before."


    Thomas Grønning
    Certified in 9 Lifeenergies

  • He literally saved my life

    "I was in a depression, and my mental state was unstable. Morten helped me immensely. He is an incredible person. He finds approaches for everyone. After I started to attend morning meditations, I felt better and 'brighter' in my soul. It felt like he had known me my whole life. After meeting him, I felt 'clearer' in my mind and happier in my soul. I wanted to both laugh and cry! I began to understand more about what the 9 Lifeenergies entail. Morten determined that I am life energy 6, which helped me understand myself better. I felt like I had 'grown wings' and started to smile at people more!"
    Anna Galenko
    Retreat to Rondane
    Morning Meditations

Our Vision

"9 Lifeenergies" will go out into the world in multiple languages.




The Basics Program is about

Discover your Lifeenergy!

How to become the person you want to be?

Basic understanding

The Basics